Request a Quote

1. Build your quote

  • Add your chosen products and their size / colour / volume selection to your 'Quote Request' bag.  Be sure to tick 'Embroider my logo' if required.
  • If you require a new logo to be embroidered, please upload it via the 'Account Home' section to the left of your quote page.  For instructions on how to upload a logo, or how to request a motif, click here.
  • If you require a different delivery address, please input this information under the 'Account Home' section to the left of your quote page.


The prices shown in your quote bag are purely academic; set-up and embroidery costs, plus any qualifying discount will be confirmed upon reply quote from us.  However, please remember that the more you buy, the greater the discount we can offer in return!

2. Submit your Quote Request

  • Once you are happy with your quote, click ‘submit’ and we will review and respond to your quote within 48-hours.
  • Samples can be sent for size, fit and colour approval, prior to the job commencing.
  • As a matter of course, a sewn sample of any new logo will be issued to proof and approve before the job commences.


Please note: Payment terms are 30-day invoice payable by BACS, credit card or cheque. We offer net terms and accept purchase orders upon credit approval.